2017 Festival Line Up

Below are the acts that played for you at the 2017 festival

Once we finalise the 2018 line up we will replace the below; so do check back regularly…

Hey Rudi - Friday 15th

Maroon Town - Friday 15th

Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - Friday 15th

The Intercepteurs - Saturday 16th

Tree Kong - Saturday 16th

Millie Manders & The Shut Up - Saturday 16th

Bombskare - Saturday 16th

King Prawn - Saturday 16th

Misty In Roots - Saturday 16th

Arthur Kay & The Clerks - Sunday 17th

Freddy Gordo & The Locos - Sunday 17th

Dekkertones - Sunday 17th

Intensified - Sunday 17th

Bitty McLean - Sunday 17th