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THE OXMAN DUB VENDOR WILL BE IN FOLKESTONE ON NOV 4th at THE CHAMBERS, Sheraton Place, Folkestone with Amanda and Nathan Atkins of FUSS playing with special guests and the Legendary DJ D’Oxman (Dub Vendor All-Stars & Soul Jazz crew), playing some of their favourite tracks.

Make sure you dont miss this brilliant night and make sure you get there early as this is likely to fill out pretty quick. There will be a small charge of £3 on the door. A small price to pay for an intimate Venue with BIG names.

Eddie Oxman is an institution in the London reggae revive scene. Perhaps most well-known internationally for his work with the renowned Dub Vendor and Soul Jazz crews, Oxman has a long and deep history, from running his own sound, producing, record collecting, to hosting dances. Whether selecting or on the mic, he is one of the key reggae grass roots legends.